Fabio Galdi announces the SpaceStation redesign

Just before going into production, WOR(l)D decides to apply some improvements to its SpaceStation, starting by the design. With the introduction of the SpaceZone WiFi HotSpot concept, with which every wifi phone can login into a personal captive page to navigate for a while, SpaceStation has been redesigned keeping in mind the business and public activities like restaurants, venues, shops and the chance to create a simpler product design, fully functional for his fast diffusion.

Antonio De Rosa, SVP Marketing and Communication, and his staff have applied some new concepts to the hardware, reducing the sizes and adding a patent pending brand new antenna, with an helicoidal design, to improve the gain and the omni-directionality of the mCell 5Ghz signal.

The result is a round case of 9 cm of diameters and 15 cm of height, with a gray metal finishing.
The new SpaceStation has the simplicity by its side: just one button, two led, two ethernet port and a micro-usb as power adaptor.

The redesigned SpaceStation has been introduced by our CEO, Fabio Galdi, during the StayConnected Tour in Miami. In the next days all the official marketing tools will be updated with the new design, to give to the user consistency on the information and communication.

The mCell signal will be officially turned on during the Diamond Life Holiday in Bali, 10-15 April 2016.

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